surrealistic dunes

The fact that I took these pictures almost 2 months ago tell me that I should post more often here. If you've been following my blog for a longer time, then you’ve probably noticed a difference: my posts are more focused on photography and less about lifestyle.

In the beginning I really enjoyed writing about lifestyle related subjects, but now that doesn't fit my style anymore. Besides photography I have a lot of other interest which I would love to share too. Posting more frequent and regular on my blog again will also be a great motivation to create more.

For now I will just share some pictures I took together Lilli and Sean, two very talented photographers. It's always so nice to meet up with other creatives, because they give you so much inspiration!


  1. AHH Sonia these are amazinggg!

  2. Wat een mooie foto's, vooral met die vogels! Misschien een beetje gek, maar op die laatste foto's lijkt het net alsof het monster van Loch Ness in de zee zwemt haha. Snap je wat ik bedoel? ;)

  3. Deze foto's zijn echt waanzinnig goed gelukt!

  4. Deze foto's zijn echt wauw.... misschien vind ik ze wel bijna de mooiste die je ooit hebt gemaakt -oké sowieso niet, want je maakt zo veel prachtigs maar oké ik vind ze gewoon heel erg mooi! :)


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