Outfit • Turtle Necks and Windy Hair

“Gosh, aren’t you feeling cold?” asks a passer-by who is walking the dog,
“A little bit,” I answer, while my hands are purple and I almost can’t feel my feet anymore. I should have brought my jacket with me…..
On a rainy Wednesday my friend Giulia and I decided to make pictures in "Het Vondelpark". Even though people had forecasted it was going to rain, we still set forth with good luck, a bag with some food (little tomatoes) and a camera.

Top - Primark
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Bershka
Bag - Vintage

New camera?
Unfortunately the pictures came out a litle bit blurred. I don’t know why, but my friend's camera was set wrong, so focusing was really difficult. I have a camera too: Nikon Coolpix S3500. It's a simple but quite right camera. But it doesn't work like it used to, because I've used it alot. I intend to buy a new one and because I'm now working in a supermarket I can save money for it. I don’t know  which camera I’m gonna buy yet, but anyway it's gonna be a reflex camera. 

Which camera do you have or which one do you recommend?


  1. I have the Canon 1100D. This works really well. And isnt that expensive. I can definitely recommend the camera. The pictures turns out so good. I'm saving money now for the Canon 20D. If you want to see how the pictures look like when I use this camera. You can visit my blog or Instagram.
    Greetz Miriam Verkerk


    1. Dankjewel voor je reactie! Ik ga maar eens een kijkje nemen op je blog en instagram! :) Groetjes Sonia


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