My Autumn Holiday in Pictures

The first week of school is over already. Even though I don’t dislike school that much, I still recall longingly to vacation: the free time, doing things I like, sleeping until late, no stress and so on I can mention way more other things!

My Autumn holidays were very nice. I’ve made many pictures of the things I’ve done. In this blogpost I’m going to share some of these pictures, so that I can let my vacation revive a little bit!

Grey clouds, now and then some drizzle, not cold but also not warm: a typical autumnal day in The Netherlands. On such a typical autumn day, I grabbed my bike and went to my friend Ida. We intended to bake cakes and after that we wanted to make pictures of our outfits in a park near her house. We made banana cakes and they were a big success. With the pictures I wasn’t very satisfied. My camera isn’t so good anymore and I’m not very (read: totally not) photogenic.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and my sister and I were already early in the morning outside waiting for the ferryboat. Merely it was really quiet outside and it took a very long time before the ferry boat came.......

What turned out, we forgot the winter time has begun that day!

I bought a lot of beautiful things at the IJ-hallen (The biggest flea market of Europe in Amsterdam-north.)
Things I bought are:

An analogue camera €12,50
A record of Abba  €1
A Levis black jeans €5
A scarf €1
A velvet shirt €1,50
A painter's easel €2  

  24H draw in The Rijksmuseum was amazing! It was so nice to see all the people drawing in the museum. There were drawing lessons, you could draw a portrait or a still life and there were way more other things to do. We also got a little sketchbook full with drawing assignments for in the museum.
If you ever visit Amsterdam, I really recommend going to the “Scheepvaart Museum”. The building is restored recently, with a beautiful result!
On Instagram I’d already seen a lot of beautiful pictures of this lovely store “Wildernis”. Because it looked really nice on these pictures, I decided to visit it. Along the way I spotted this little man. Do you guys also like street art?
It’s an amazing store full with plants. You can buy plants (obviously) but also other things like cute plant pots or beautiful self-made cards with plants on them. You can also drink coffee there beneath the hanging plants which is really cozy
This is already the end of this post. I’m curious about what you guys think about my blog, so if you want you can comment here below.

See you soon!



  1. I really like your blog! Especially this blogpost - it is so cute and cosy to read :)


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