A misty day on the beach

The bright light of the morning sun awakes my friend and me.  It promises to be a fine day. Earlier we had already decided to go to the sea this day. Once we were in the car on our way to Zandvoort, a thick mist appeared. We couldn’t even see further than the highway anymore! Although the weather was different than we had expected. I still had desire to go the sea. Namely I had never been to the beach at a misty day.

It was quite busy on the beach. Not only were there a lot of people, also many seagulls and other birds. Can you see that little bird on this picture below?
In the beginning it was véry véry foggy, so we didn't expect to see anything from the sunset. Still the sun showed some of her light for a little moment. It didn't last long, but was after all really beautiful.
Just as the sun had set it became a little bit chilly on the beach. Then we went to a cozy warm beach-tent where we drunk delicious hot chocolate. 
Going to the sea is always delightful, it doesn't matter how the weather is like. Everytime it's a surprise for me how the sea looks like. I also think it's really nice to take a walk along the beach, because it makes me feel very peaceful. 
What do you like the most about the sea?

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