Open Atelier Day

On a sunny saturday my friend Elsi and I went to an Open Atelier Day nearby. There were many ateliers that we could visit and where we could look at the beautiful artworks the artists had made. 
When we came to the entrance of the building, we saw this artwork. Those silver things are woven and they represent rain drops. That girl in the middle of this picture is my friend Elsi, is case you were wondering who she is.  

This atelier was my favorite. There were a lot of beautiful realistic paintings and the atelier was beautiful too.  
My friend was looking at the art of the artist who was sitting in de window, reading in an art book.
So this is it for today!
I hope you guys like it and I would love to hear what you guys think of my blog, so leave a comment if you want :)!

I wish you al a lovely day! 

Love From,


  1. Suuper mooie foto's. Ik vind dit soort dingetjes altijd zo leuk om te zien!

    1. Aw bedankt :) ! Het is ook heel leuk om te doen!

  2. I really like your blog. One tip - maybe you could include more photos or write a bit more about stuff? Like make your posts more informative. Anyways, keep going :)

    1. Thank you :)! And yes that is a really good tip! I'll try to write more stuff, but my english isn't really good, so I have to practise a bit more :)


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